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A nurse and a doctor smiling together in a hospital baby unit


Caring for Healthcare

Demands on healthcare organizations are growing. They’re expected to deliver better outcomes, for more patients, with less money. So, how can Sodexo help? We create safe, caring, productive environments. Help people (patients and staff members) live healthier lifestyles. And contribute to the health and development of local communities. We are leading the healthcare industry through massive changes in regulations, patient expectations and funding challenges.

We understand your operations

No two healthcare economies are the same. To provide truly global healthcare support, you need a world of experience. Sodexo is in 39 countries. Want to understand the complexity of the US system? Or the UK’s public health service? How we improve the delivery of care in India? Or how we enhance community services in Brazil and the Netherlands? Even the latest innovations in Singapore? We can help, because we are partners to healthcare providers.

Solving primary care provider challenges

Why do primary care providers need our support? We keep hospitals and their essential diagnostic equipment and technology working efficiently. Deliver personalized nutrition to match patient needs. Provide clinical and administrative staff with everything they need to meet the demands of their jobs. And we drive population health initiatives focused on obesity & lifestyle management.

Supporting acute care needs

Secondary care providers, like children’s hospitals and private clinics face high demands from their patients and visitors. They deliver because Sodexo is there to ensure things run smoothly. Menus are tailored for every patient. Operating room cleaning and instrument sterilization meet the highest standards. All supported by facilities management services to keep everything running perfectly.

In it for the long term

Caring for long term patients takes sensitivity and a deep understanding of their needs. We provide support services for rehabilitation, disability, psychiatric and end of life setting- whether in a hospital, care community or at home. These are highly tailored nutritional solutions. And programs designed to help people live their best lives today and tomorrow.

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