Crèche Attitude significantly reinforces position with Crèches de France acquisition

September 04, 2018

Crèche Attitude, a subsidiary of Sodexo Group, world leader in Quality of Life Services, accelerates its development in France with Crèches de France acquisition. The operation is part of an ambitious development strategy intended to strengthen its position as the go-to player in the private crèche sector.

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Thanks to experience stretching back over fifteen years in caring for children from infants to pre-teens, Crèche Attitude is a major childcare player as part of the Personal and Home Services activity in Sodexo Group. The Crèche Attitude mission is to act on well-being at work and parents’ quality of life by guaranteeing the best possible care for children and their families.

The acquisition of Crèches de France, founded and developed by Philippe Austruy, helps strengthen Crèche Attitude’s geographic coverage particularly in Paris and the south of France. “The integration of the 97 crèches from Crèches de France rounds out our network, growing from 160 to 257 sites, while preserving the level of quality care we provide for children and their families”, stated Marc Jouannic, Managing Director, Crèche Attitude.

“Both Crèche Attitude and Crèches de France pay special attention to the development of infants, to listening, kindness and availability for families, with maximum health and safety. This acquisition helps us strengthen our position in France with high-quality teams, but also and above all to always offer more value to our clients”, stated Didier Sandoz, Chief Executive Officer, Sodexo Personal and Home Services.

Crèches de France teams have already begun integrating the Sodexo group to write a new page together in the history of our group in the crèche sector in France.

About SIS Group

SIS Group, the end shareholder in Crèches de France, is a family-owned group founded by Philippe Austruy, entrepreneur and innovator initially in dependency markets where major private hospitalisation structures were established, followed in 2004 by infancy care in France under the Crèches de France brand and in the rest of Europe with a strong market presence in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. SIS Group is also expanding operations in real estate, catering and vineyards.


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