From pre-school through high school, Sodexo supports schools around the world in ensuring a healthy and balanced diet for students while creating and maintaining a healthy, welcoming and safe educational environment that contributes to learning.

Quality of Life at the heart of schools’ environment

Our expertise in nutrition, food safety, facilities operations, purchasing and sustainable supply chain contributes to a school’s improved Quality of Life creating optimum conditions for stronger teacher and staff engagement, improved student learning and better academic performance.

We partner with schools to improve Quality of Life for students and improve school operations by:

  • Creating Better Learning Environments,
  • Improving Student Health & Wellbeing,
  • Increasing School Efficiencies & Reducing Operating Costs.

We play a key role in helping ensure a safe, welcoming and healthy learning environment through efficient and innovative integrated service offers including:

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Facilities Operations & Management
  • Sustainable Learning Environments

Quality of life in action

At Sodexo, we consider Quality of Life to be a key and yet largely unexplored factor in individual and collective performance. Discover our articles, case studies, expert interviews and testimonials to get the latest news and trends on this topic.

Six Key Insights Driving the Future of Quality of Life for StudentsSix Key Insights Driving the Future of Quality of Life for Students

With Sanjit “Bunker” Roy, Founder and Director, Barefoot College in India.

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Child’s Play for Better LearningChild’s Play for Better Learning

Architect Takaharu Tezuka’s iconoclastic Fuji Kindergarten in Tokyo does not just break down walls, it does away with them, allowing children to leave the classroom if they wish and return when they wish.

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Testing Time for Education WorldwideTesting Time for Education Worldwide

The quality of educational systems has long been a matter of debate. And yet, a range of innovations, from free-style preschools to digital roll call, are transforming the experience for students of all ages.

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Sodexo: Providing for Children's Quality of Life with Responsible School Environments.

SKOOL - Raise children's awareness on Food Waste

IFWC logo

The International Food Waste Coalition (IFWC) is currently rolling out its first action-oriented programme, SKOOL, designed to help schools across Europe reduce food waste. As a founding member of the IFWC, Sodexo has the exclusivity to use SKOOL tools and resources during Fiscal Year 2017.

Key Figures Schools

1,671 million euro in revenues

8% of Group revenues

8,1% of Group employees in the Schools segment

Source: Fiscal 2017 Registration Document