Sponsorship reflects Sodexo’s core focus on gender balance as an economic driver

Sodexo today announced its sponsorship of the Global Women in Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum, returning to Dubai from the 14-15 of November, 2018.

The sponsorship is directly in line with Sodexo’s commitment to gender balance as a key driver of company success. Companies with gender-balanced management pull in a staggering 23% higher gross earnings, with healthier fundamental metrics across the board, including 5% higher brand awareness, 12% higher client retention and 13% higher organic growth – according to Sodexo’s recent report: Moving the Needle on Gender Balance.

“There is a foundational and repeatedly-verified link between gender balanced management teams and company performance across a range of metrics, with the largest impact demonstrated in gross revenue,” says Simon Seaton, Chief Executive Officer, Onshore Energy & Head of Middle East at Sodexo “Despite the obvious benefits, challenges to gender balance continue to persist at the deepest levels of company culture – correcting these issues requires proactive investment and genuine commitment to improve. To us, the WIL Forum is more than a sponsorship, it is an investment in a foundational driver of economic growth.”

As part of the forum, Sodexo will host a power discussion with Sylvia Metayer, CEO of Corporate Services Worldwide at Sodexo, on moving the needle in gender balance. Sodexo is also a participating member in the Women’s Corporate Sponsorship Program, led by the WIL Economic Forum.

Since 2016, Sodexo Middle East has shifted their management team from 0 to 40% female. The company has also put in place firm commitments to have gender-balanced recruitment slates and at least 40% of the recruitment and promotion opportunities above manager level at the regional headquarters are held by female talent. The shift reflects at the board level, where the group recently appointed the first female member to a Sodexo joint venture in the Middle East.

Sodexo operates globally in 72 countries, providing over 100 services reaching more than 100 million consumers per day. In the Middle East, Sodexo services 100,000 customers every year.


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