Health and Safety

Health and Safety is an integral part of Sodexo’s mission to improve Quality of Life:

  • Every day, in 80 countries, Sodexo serves 75 million consumers, all of whom rely on our health and safety systems,
  • Every day, our 425,000 employees rely on Sodexo to provide safe working conditions,
  • Every day, our clients, and the wider communities in which we operate, trust Sodexo to provide safe services.

For all of these reasons, health and safety is a global strategic priority for the Group. Sodexo is committed to a global health and safety culture and world class health and safety performance. We know that integrating health and safety into everything we do minimizes risk to people and property.

The Better Tomorrow Plan

The Better Tomorrow

Sodexo’s Corporate Responsibility roadmap, the Better Tomorrow Plan, formalizes our commitments and allows us to track the implementation and results in the 80 countries in which we operate.