Sodexo Core Values

Sodexo is the community of its clients, consumers, employees and shareholders. We recognize that the best way to respond to the expectations of all of our stakeholders is through steady growth. We also believe it is important that our work is meaningful to all who contribute to it and thus we remain faithful to our mission, our core values and the ethical principles that have guided us since 1966.

Since its foundation by Pierre Bellon in 1966, Sodexo has been improving people’s Quality of Life. For over 50 years, we have developed unique expertise, backed by nearly 460,000 employees in 72 countries across the globe.

50 years of improving Quality of Life


Sodexo’ Chronicles

For the 50th anniversary of Sodexo, we launched a series of videos tracing the evolution the company from a small start-up in Marseille to the world leader in Quality of Life Services, one of the largest French-founded international groups today. Watch the video clips presenting the key moments in the company’s history from 1966 to 2016.

1966: What do Star Trek and Sodexo have in common?


1966: The beginning of a long-term relationship with the CEA


1967: A new step of the French space exploration with Sodexo


1971: The conquest of the school market


1987: The Eiffel Tower centenary and the acquisition of The Bateaux Parisiens


1988: Jamaica and Sodexo’s first participation in the Winter Olympic games


1989: A major year for innovation


1995: The world’s biggest food services company


1996: Fighting worldwide hunger


1998: The creation of Sodexho Marriott Services in the U.S.


1999: Our commitment towards local communities


2008: The Brazilian leader of vouchers and cards services


2011: The Brazilian leader of company services


2013: Developping our Facilities Management expertise in India


2015: The first Quality of Life conference



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